oktober 30, 2017

Hi Henriette! Today was my first day back home. I was meditating on my bed in the with my legs crossed under me, as usual; however, I noticed that I sat evenly and balanced, and with no pain. Usually I get restless in this position and feel my hip on the left is sitting higher and not feeling quiet right. I thought that was normal, until now. Also my shoulders are loosening, dropping to a natural position. If I hadn’t sat on a plane for 12 hours yesterday, I’m sure I wouldn’t be so tight in my hips today:) So I’m noticing that the alignment is working its way down my spine/back. As we walked around Amsterdam, I had more energy and my feet did not swell up or feel tired at the end of the day. I will keep noticing. My husband is ready to find someone here who does the Atlas Profilex!

I never really noticed these physical things before, but now, after the Atlas alignment, I notice how good I feel. I cannot thank you enough. Keep up this work, you are a blessing to everyone! I am so fortunate to have met you. Thank you for your expertise, for your kindness, and for the light you unleash in the world.

In joy and gratitude,


Atlas PROfilax

Henriette Reineke werkt in praktijk light-Journeys met verschillende methodes. De AtlasPROfilax methode is zeer effectief bij nek-en rugklachten, hoofdpijn en migraine, whiplash, hernia, lage rugklachten, beenlengteverschil, knieklachten en uitstralingspijnen.

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